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Become What You Are

become what you are

by Alan Watts

Format: Paper book
Length: 144 pages
Short description: A classic work from Alan Watts that contains some previously unpublished material.

Editorial review:
This is the one the most rounded and complete of the (many and great) works of the late Alan Watts. If a historian was to, and one day I hope one does, mark Watt’s work into periods, then this would be from the “self help” period. This is the philosophy of Alan, dripping Daoism, new age philosophy and cracking Zen Buddhism (always hidden from view of course) thrown into a great little book. The title gives away the clue to the heart of the ideas in this book, namely that you have the power to be what you want; it is just about realising it. You are a miracle, you are you. Stop acting lost in a sensual maze and find yourself in the middle – realise that you are the mind in the maze and the maze itself. Books like this are the progenitors of modern self-help titles, which have removed the religious philosophy another remove. Alan had the philosophical courage to not do that. He always references. Lao Tzu, Buddha and on many occasions Jesus are given their dues as the source of ideas. Since Alan never made out that he was “creating” his philosophy, which if you think about makes sense; as he is claiming it is already there right under our noses, he never comes across as preaching.

Most of the ideas in here are to be found in his audio works, but they are massive, this is focussed. Some of his other written works are not “rounded”, that is they contain ideas that are not fully explained or perhaps the line of argument through the work drifts one way or another, or is treated lightly. Not here. Here he has made special effort to bring it into line. As such, this is a great book for someone new to Alan, or someone who needs a hand in finding themselves.

On my edition, the circle in the middle of the cover is bright silver and reflects. This sits on my coffee table and people often wonder at it or pick it up and check it out. It is one of my favourites and I also have the audio edition.



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Become What You are

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