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Buddhism For Dummies

Buddhism For Dummies

By Jonathan Landaw

Format: Paper book
Length: 384 pages
Short description: If you’re curious about Buddhism but feel intimidated by all the exotic jargon and strange trappings, this book is for you.

Editorial review:
The “For Dummies” books are legion. Covering all aspects of almost any subject you could mention. Like most, I came across them first in the Computer realm. I own a fair collection of them, of which this was quite a find. I remember spotting it while in Goa on my travels in India in a little book shop next to the “new age” beach of Arambol. Like most of these books, it is in a large yet paperback format and so you may have all sorts of trouble putting it on a short shelf and have to stack it!

As with most Dummies books, it is a very clear and purposely concise introduction to Buddhism. it cover everything from the story of the Buddha to the types of Buddhism, the practices of Buddhism, the difference between the Large and Small vehicle, the great places of Buddhism and what you would have to do to announce that you are a Buddhist. The later is very useful as I often meet people who claim to be Buddhist, but have not even heard of the 4 Noble Truths or what the vows of the Buddhist are. In those cases I am very polite and interested and point them to this book. Indeed a friend once asked me about Buddhism and after I had completely confused him, this book straightened him out again. Each section has multiple boxouts, quotes and notes, which make the learning of the subject much easier than any other book I have.

Of course, this is not a book from the canon of Buddhism, but it will assist anyone in understanding the subject of this fascinating religion. It is a “little” biased to Theravada Buddhism in places and the Diamond & Zen styles. I suspect that this is the voice of the multiple authors creeping in a little. It doesn’t really notice to the beginner.

I challenge anyone to come away from this book not excited and satisfied.

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