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The Art of Happiness

The Art of Happiness

By HH Dalai Lama

Format: Paper book
Length: 144 pages
Short description: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit down with the Dalai Lama and really press him about life’s persistent questions?

Editorial review:
What is the “Art” of happiness? How does one find it? In this interesting book the Lama outlines more of his practical methods in relation to his beliefs. One of the most popular Buddhist masters in the world, and definitely the best known in the West, the Lama has a foot happily in both worlds, which puts him in the best possible position to bridge them. He has a truly beneficent nature and this comes across in all aspects of his writing. In other books he slightly looks down upon the “Lesser” vehicle and is not afraid to forward the point of view of the Diamond vehicle, but here he is in more of a direct and psychological mood. Holding up a mirror to the west and its ideals. He has a considerable intellect and his thoughts flow in a well thought-out order from the first to the last.

The main crux of the book is in the form of interviews between the Lama and the second author; Howard Cutter. Both men answer the questions raised, which are mainly around the psychology of finding happiness. For the Lama, of course, this involves training of the mind and heart (classic Buddhist belief) and how this will improve the perception of the world around you. For all Buddhists, happiness comes from realising that the mind dictates the nature of reality. Pure bliss could be a living hell for someone in the wrong frame of mind. Conversely, one can obtain true happiness even in adversity if one is able to grasp this truth and cultivate the mind.

In other words: your happiness is in your hands not external forces such as luck. A great message and one well worth the trouble to explore. Should you have the courage to put these acts into practice then (for the Buddhists) you are well on the road to enlightenment.



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