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The Shambhala Guide to Taoism

Shambhala Guide to Taoism

By Eva Wong

Format: Paper book
Length: 268 pages
Short description: An introduction to Taoism, divided into three sections: history of Taoism, systems of Taoism and Taoist practices.

Editorial review:
Shambhala write books on all Eastern subjects. They are a new age style publisher making sure that the outlandish and the alternate view is properly heard. I have many of their books. This one has become something of a classic in the Daoism sphere. It is a solid introduction to the subject, with historical and recent perspectives. I do remember picking it up and expecting to see nothing but East Coast (of the US) Daoism, but rather I found it was more concerned with the Religious views of the Far Eastern Daoist and what Daoist’s do to practice. As an introduction and history it satisfies, including the good old Celestial Masters, drinking mercury and Chinese state periods. However, it doesn’t analyse the practices of Daoism as an outsider, only comments on them. Neither does it try and do the impossible and explain the Dao in the sort of philosophical depth one can take that investigation. Nevertheless, I recommend it for anyone who has read the texts of Daoism and are asking themselves what sort of people wrote such poetical, mystical and mysterious works.



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