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The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet

Tao of Pooh & Te of Piglet

By Benjamin Hoff

Format: Paper book
Length: 432 pages
Short description: One of the most light hearted and inaccurate Daoism books, but still a classic.

Editorial review:
The Tao (Dao) and the Te (De), the Way and its Power. The mysterious power of the entire universe and the expression of that power. Heavy stuff. Winnie the Pooh? Piglet?

This book is one of the most widely known of all works on Daoism in the West. Which is daft really as it is hardly a serious tome nor one that is accurate in any depth. Many later authors have slated the Daoism expressed in this book, pouring scorn on its author for the promulgation of the idea that Daoism is split into Philosophical and Religious types and pointing out that the excerpts from the Dao De Jing to be found here are bowdlerised and wrong.

Who cares! This is one of the most fun and funny Daoism books I have read and I loved it. This was the first book that made me consider Daoism as a path and was exciting enough to draw my eye to the journey to where I find myself now. The book is written in a comedy fashion and Winnie the Pooh is a character in the work. He sits aside the author who is making a rather fun argument that Winnie is the perfect Daoist. Not concerned with learning or investigating the world intellectually, he manages to grasp its meaning naturally. The author draws out this lesson by contrasting the beliefs and feelings of the other characters with Winnie’s. It’s all fun and easy to read.

However, it is not without problems, even apart from the ones mentioned above. The second part of the book about Piglet is terrible. I suspect that the author had a great idea concerning Winnie, had a lot of fun running with it and then ran out of steam. To make the book of a length he mashed up the piglet stuff and added it on.

So, while I do recommend this book and it is a great place to start, it is almost a joke. However, as jokes go it is a funny one and there is something about the idea. Some nugget of a point that can start a spark in the reader. It did for me. It lit a match, which is now a forest fire.

If that was the author’s intention, then it was successful.



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