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What is Tao?


by Alan Watts

Format: Paper book
Length: 96 pages
Short description: An overview of Tao concepts and guidance for Tao experience, emphasizing the wisdom of letting life unfold and going with the flow.

Editorial review:
This short work is an easy introduction to the core concepts of Taoism/Daoism. Since the question, “What is Tao?” can never truly be answered Alan simply highlights it by examples of its operation. He also goes on to talk about the Dao De Jing and its core teachings. After which he talks about De and his favourite Daoist notion: Wu Wei (Non-acting/non-forcing). He then talks about Ying and Yang and the concepts behind the Chinese method of divination; the iChing.

A great little book that puts Alan’s thoughts very clear and succinctly.



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What is Tao?

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