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You’re It!: On Hiding, Seeking, and Being Found


by Alan Watts

Format: Audio book
Length: 12 hours and 12 min
Short description: Alan Watts returns in this collection of his audio recordings.

Editorial review:

I have long been a fan of the late Alan Watts, indeed it is the archival recordings of his radio show and presentations that turned me on the Eastern Philosophy in the first place.

Alan described himself as a “spiritual entertainer” and as such he claimed to not be a Daoist/Buddhist. I think nothing of the sort.

He is fundamentally a Zen Buddhist master bar none. He describes in detail how a Zen master, upon meeting a student, will claim that he has nothing to teach. Claim it loudly and clearly, making no assertions of leadership or guru-ship. This is to force the student into considering his/her own mind in coming to the master in the first place and that is the first step – of many – along the road of Zen. Alan believed in the method and stuck to his guns his whole life. None the less, Zen is what he is teaching and it is clear that he believes it too.

Alan has a wonderful clear speaking voice and a brilliant clipped tone, which makes him spectacularly suited to speaking in public. he also has a talent for creating his best work “live”; in the performance. This audio recording is a collection of the best of those moments. It has been put together by his son, Mark Watts, as a labour of love. I have almost everything you can get of Alan’s and I found in this album most of the core, the heart, of what he said and believed.

It’s worth every single penny.

My wife Cesca loves Alan too, she is a natural Zen practitioner (that is someone who just “is” and does not examine that state intellectually), and often uses his rhythmic tones of understanding to calm herself down. There has a dream like quality to his teachings in that you can later find it hard to recount exactly what he said that was “so true” – as if it was a momentary magic he conjured and has disappeared again. However, and I say this unreservedly, life is better with Alan in it.



Looking at the price of this recording can cause goose bumps. However, with an Audible membership, it is only one credit – £7 – and that is a true bargain!

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You’re It!: On Hiding, Seeking, and Being Found

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