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Welcome to Buddha Books!

My name is Basho and this is my site for books on Eastern Philosophy and Religions. The idea is easy. Over many years of buying, collecting and reading books from the East, I wondered to myself:

“Why is there no good website reviewing these books?”

So I decided to create my own. This site has done all the hard work for you in collecting together the very best books into one place. One easy place for you to buy them. Sure you could spend your life surfing through Amazon and listening to the (many) angry and ill-informed opinions of the average Amazon reader, but that sounds like not much fun to me! Or you can come here and I will edit the selection down for you, and tell you why – or why not – you should buy this book. Edited search results! It’s the future! Here you will also meet many like-minded people all interested in the same subject. Got something to say about a book you have read? Post it up as comment and let the discussion commence!

Why should you listen to me? A little about Basho:

Basho has a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and has been fascinated by the East his whole life. A qualified Korean Martial Arts instructor, he has taught Eastern understanding to all ages. At the age of thirty he and his wife Cesca left their city jobs and travelled around the world. They visited most of the major Buddhist and Daoist sites in the East. Including those in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, India, Tibet and Japan. On their journeys they encountered the Bodhi Tree, the Sarnath deer park, the hill temples of Tibet, the Zen gardens of Kyoto and the Daoist mountains of China amongst many others.

Basho writes both professionally and personally about Daoism and Eastern Philosophy, which you can check by googling, “What is Daoism?” Look for “Basho” near the top – his blog is

Here is the important bit: Everything reviewed on this site has been read by Basho &/or Cesca personally. These are personal, edited, expert recommendations.

And here is the REALLY important bit: 50% of any money made by recommending these books will go to The New Cambodian Children’s Life Association (NCCLA), which is a charity set-up for orphaned Cambodian children.

So, you lose nothing by reading these recommendations and you may help some of the most disadvantaged children in the world.

I hope that you like the site, please feel free to post a comment or send us an email.



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